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I saw my first Downy Woodpecker today, it was on my apple tree pecking on a dead limb. My bird book says that in spring they tap on hollow limbs to announce their territory, so maybe I will see her again this year! I do love to bird watch although I hardly find time for it anymore...



Is there anything better than home grown tomatoes?



So... I'm a really inconsistant updater. Shockingly I've also been forgetting birthdays and anniversaries (ok, only one but it was my own!). Sigh. Someday I will get better. Instead of keeping up with everything, RL has been busy and in my free time I've been reading a lot of old SSRL and Snarry. *shrug*

Today is my birthday, though, and I remembered that! I'm celebrating with some choice fanfiction while I'm home alone, yay!

Warm weather at last

Today is BEAUTIFUL! Forty degrees and sunny, and I have the afternoon off -kinda. I am stoked! 


Tonight I went to a Dove Chocolate party... What a fan-freaking-tastic idea. I have a new love - chocolate martinis. YUM.



We're having a crazy hail storm, I hope that it's bad enough to replace our roof...  Well, bad enough that insurance will pay some of the roof cost. My dear husband has already scheduled our new roof installation for August, we are replacing shingles with metal - for a future installation of PV. That will be cool, but expensive.


Spain for the WIN

I have to say I had a great time in South Africa, but unfortunately we didn't see any Spain games, and they are my favorite. I watched Spain v. Germany (from yesterday) on the DVR tonight and I am so loving those guys! I hope they do well Sunday... We will have some friends over to watch and I will be cheering for La Furia Roja.

Anyway, as for South Africa - we stayed in Durban and it was wonderful. I loved the weather, the beaches, and the football! We saw 3 of the group stage games, I think next time - 2014 in Brazil - I would like to watch one of the round of 16 games too, that would have been nice. It was hard to come home after a 2 week vacation. I need another one!

I owe a huge thanks to my mom for watching our kid, that made the whole trip possible. Yay for grandmas!


Wicked witch of the west

I am feeling windblown and have cabin fever at the same time. The stress is piling up at home and at work and I can't even take a nice walk. Either it's raining or it's ridiculously windy. At least there's Glee once a week! Last night's episode with Kristin Chenoweth was great, songs from the Wiz and all :-) I love her and the rest of the cast... The one bright, shiny hour of my week.


Spring! redux

I love spring: the birds come back, the flowers bloom, the trees shed pollen... Oh, wait, I hate that part. My sinuses are so swollen that it's spread to the bridge of my nose. And it's turning bruised. Yay. I guess I should make up stories about handing out ass whoopings.

At least it's reason enough to leave work early today.



I'm getting some much needed time to myself today. The kid is out of town with her sister and DH is at soccer... I love my free time!

On a sad note, my fave Fernando has to get knee surgery and is out for the rest of the season. I am bummed about that! And who knows if he'll be fit enough for the Cup. Hopefully he will be, I'm sure he'll be putting all his focus into getting ready for that. I wish him well!